During times of financial hardship, you may feel alone.  Let us

help protect your property, stop harassing phone calls from

creditors, and get you on the road to recovery. 
Our small firm allows you

the personal attention you deserve, and our rates are affordable. 

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult procedure during difficult

times.  It is an enormous decision that should only be made when it is

beneficial to you and your family, and all other options have been

examined.  You may need professional help.  Call Mae Hartman now

for your FREE Bankruptcy Assessment, and see if filing for bankruptcy is

right for you.

Finding a lawyer may seem easy enough, but finding one who can give you

the attention you need can be much harder than you think.  The big firms

churn out hundreds of clients a year, making it easy to get lost in a sea of

faceless clients.  This impersonal treatment may be amplified by lawyers

who are jaded from years of practice.  Who wants to be talked to like a

small child in their hour of need? You deserve compassion and that

personal touch that we can provide.

Luckily for those in the Northern Atlanta area there is Z. Mae Hartman.  In

addition to being Federally Barred to handle all your bankruptcy needs, her

level of hospitality and service is unparalleled.  Bankruptcy is her sole

practice and she will treat you like a guest, not just another client.  Check

out her bio to see what makes her service excel beyond what the larger

firms are equipped to provide.

A fresh start is only a call or email away.  Mae Hartman can help you make

all the necessary preparations and walk you through the road to financial

recovery.  These trying times deserve upfront, reasonable pricing along

with a high level of service.  Don't let the larger firms shuffle you around

between indifferent lawyers, law clerks, and even interns.  Let a

professional who knows how to treat people handle what is essentially

your life

Please call us at (404)-863-7301 or email at 


Follow us at http://twitter.com/BankruptcyInGA

6478 Putnam Ford Drive
Suite 205
Woodstock, GA 30189

Our office is located in the Towne Lake area of  Woodstock, GA directly across Eagle Drive from ET Booth Middle School in the ExecuCourt Office Plaza.  Putnam Ford Drive is not clearly displayed but it is a intersection with a traffic light. Take the first flight of stairs immediately after entering the parking lot.  We are the first office at the top of the stairs, Suite 205.

With a little research, a few interviews, and a knowledge of what to look for, you can succeed in your bankruptcy with as little stress as possible.  Get your fresh start today!

We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

     Zhierlynn Mae Hartman is the daughter

of  Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Michael

Kelly.  She has lived all over the world,

stationed with her family in such countries

as England and Guam.  She graduated from

the University of Central Florida with a

Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies and

Political Science in 1996, and  was on the

Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society as well as

the Dean's List.  She received her Juris

Doctorate in December 2000 from Nova

Southeastern University, Shepard Broad

Law Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  She then

interned at the Attorney General's Office

in Ft. Lauderdale and worked for a personal

injury firm for a couple of years.

     However, shortly after passing the

Georgia bar,
she put practicing law on

hold to pursue her dream of opening

restaurants.  She was voted "Best

Bartender in Cherokee" two years in a row. 

After establishing a few restaurants and

bars, she decided to return to law, but

wanted to help honest people in real

trouble.  Bankruptcy was her new passion. 

Now she could apply her hospitality skills

and her knowledge of law to serve anyone

who needed a fresh start on life.

Why Choose Us?
When the time comes to file your bankruptcy, choosing an attorney isn’t simple. The larger firms are easy to find, and small firms may seem a dime a dozen. But, do you really want to chose the firm with the biggest ad, or do you want what is best for your situation?

he big firms have tons of combined experience.  They churn through hundreds of clients at a time.  It is easy to fall through the cracks and get lost in the masses.  You may only see you attorney once or twice, and your case may be handled by many people, including law clerks and even interns.

It is common for a different attorney to show up for your 341 meeting, someone you have never met or talked to.  They have minimal knowledge of your needs and will sit silently as the trustee questions you.

This faceless treatment is compounded by the fact that many lawyers have been practicing for decades.  They become jaded and may talk down to you when you ask, what is to them, inane questions.  No one deserves to be talked to like a child, especially in their time of need.

Smaller firms can cater much more closely to your individual needs.  Their caseloads are smaller.  They appreciate each and every client, treating them in a much warmer fashion.  You can rest assured that all avenues will be pursued by the very attorney you hired.

This level of trust and hospitality cannot be matched by larger firms.  They are just not set up that way.  They have quotas, firms goals, and pressure to “churn and burn.”

Your attorney at the smaller firms will be quicker to answer your questions, and will remain by your side through the entirety of your filing.  This difficult time in your life needs someone who can handle your case individually, and provide a high level of service at the same time.

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